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Massage is one of the most ancient forms of treatment known to man, older than any laws of any land. People who seek this type of therapy are doing so of their own free will. Certified Massage Therapists (CMTs) who are working independently in a private setting, and also choosing not to work in a public spa massage establishment, should be exempted from provisions pursuant to NRS & NAC 640C - Massage Therapists (the "Code”) which is geared toward managing activities in public massage establishments, not private environments.

Working independently can be defined as simply doing any type of bodywork but not working in a public spa or massage establishment. As an “independent” working in a private environment, I am able to have a face to face, off the record conversation with a person about their particular situation during my session. My bodywork session is generally private, taking place in a location closed to the public, in a discreet hotel room or private residence, for example.

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