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Sensual - Erotic - Tantra Massage Therapy Qi Blend Bodywork For Men


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Las Vegas Tantra - Sensual - Erotic Massage, Bodyrub by CMT Genevieve...

Swedish-Thai syle is a combination of assisted yoga stretching, and I use my “signature” conscious Acupressure type “Qi” strokes. This method comprises much of the session. Acupressure is related to acupuncture and has similar results. “Qi” is literally “breath” or “air” frequently translated as “life energy”, “life force”, or “energy flow”. Based in Chinese Medicine, my session works with what is believed to be the energy lines called Meridians that run through the body to remove blockages. Blockages are believed to cause all types of ailments throughout the body. It is believed and proven through thousands of years of discovery, trial and error, that working with these energy lines can help alleviate many different health problems! Many have returned for my sessions affirming wonderful results. The outcome achieved can also be similar to an intricate tissue approach.

Tantra is an addition to my signature technique that adds an enlightening element to the session, increasing detoxification. Tantra considers the entire body, encircling all energy centers otherwise known as Chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown. My Tantra technique session also  includes a unique expanded Essence Root and Sacral Treatment, amplifying sensual perception. I use Tantra variety method as part of a rare and broadened external Qi Swe-Thai Blend Sensual - Erotic Massage, Bodywork approach. My signature technique additionally assimilates Qigong, Reflexology, Reiki, Sports, Shiatsu, Kiatsu, and Hydro styles; a synergistic fusion remedy that is effectively a matter of instrumental bliss, having both an exhilarating and calming impact throughout the full being.

Service Donations

I kindly accept donations at the end of the session, exclusively for my time, and not for any type of activity forbidden by Nevada state and local Las Vegas area statutes. Practicing individual preferences, the following is the typical gift range for my Tantra Qi sessions...

  • Signature EXOTIC ESSENCE  ~ 1+ hours (~$240/HOUR or $210/HOUR with ailment or health issue e.g. Diabetes, Heart, Bone etc...)
  • Surrender SENSUAL REFLEXOLOGY ~ 30 mins. $150 (or ~$300/HOUR)
  • Pleasure EROTIC DANCE or Fetish ~ 20 mins. $160 (or $480/HOUR)


Range of time for our meeting depends on needed work to be done, determined after the session begins. See my FAQ’s for more information. Please make allowances in your schedule accordingly for best results. I’m mostly available daytime and evenings, but I don’t have a set schedule. Let me know what works for you. Please Contact Me to figure an appointment. Thank You :)

Reflex Qi Massage

I also offer a Reflexology Qi Massage which is a basic session described above however non-sensual. The difference is a “Reflex Qi” Massage includes my signature Qi Swe-Thai Bodywork Blend, excluding Tantra. This is the session I may offer for ladies, couples, and some parties. Reflex Qi Massage is a good choice for one who’s looking for a revitalizing, relaxing experience to regenerate before the next Las Vegas event. Typical donation range for this session is ~$120/HOUR

Health & Wellness

To further awareness of Natural Healing Wisdom, Ancient Medicine Wellness and Exercise, and Organic Whole Foods Healing, a small portion of my session may include discussion about Qigong exercise and highly recommended and readily available foods that have been known to help reverse and cure diseases of the body. I also may discuss other popular foods that inhibit healing and your body’s immune system. Please see my FAQ’s, No.5 for more info...

Other Services





  • Promotional Modeling - Spokesmodel
    • Promoted the following liquor brands  in various bar/nightclub/conference settings:
      • Vodca: Smirnoff, Stolishnaya, Vox, Svedka
      • Rum: Mojito Club, Captain Morgan
      • Tequila: Arsela Premium Corazon, Sauza, Jose Cuervo
      • Whiskey: Wild Turkey, Canadian Club, Telemore Dew, Jamieson
      • Beer: Miller Lite, Stella Artois, Guiness
      • Other Liquor: Baileys, Kahlua, Carrolyn’s, Irish Mist, Midori, Bacardi Silver, Smirnoff  Ice, Celtic Crossing, Beefeater Wet(Topless Bodypaint Event)






      Bachelor of Science


    • Certification, Massage Therapy
    • Licensing, Nevada State Board of Massage Therapists(Surrendered)


      • Spa Floetry Las Vegas
        • Thai Table Massage
      • Supreme Science Qigong Center
        • Qi Revolution Qigong Healing & Breathing Applications Level I, II, III and Instructor Training
        • Level IV Internal Qigong
          • Neigong Meditation
          • 5-Element Qigong Form
          • Tantra Practice with Gentle Kundalini Activation
          • Advanced Hands on Healing with 9-Breath Method, Reiki Principals and Chakra Balancing
        • Food Healing - The Advanced Seminar
      • Anne Penman Reiki Las Vegas
        • Reiki I
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