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Preparation For My Session

For best results and longer lasting effects from bodywork therapy, it’s important to be well hydrated for my session. Water allows your body to flush through wastes, toxins, viruses, bacteria, disease etc... This raises the body’s immunity levels. Water also keeps the muscles hydrated, which minimizes muscle tension and pain. The correct amount of water needed for the body on a daily basis is 1 ounce of water for every 2 pounds of body weight. For example, if your weight is around 250 pounds, the correct amount of water intake would be 125 ounces or about 1gallon daily. Also, for each ounce of alcoholic beverage you drink, you must add an additional ounce of water to your daily recommendation to avoid alcohol dehydration.

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Ancient Medicine Organic Whole Foods Healing Wellness Practices and Qigong Exercise Programs

Our American health care industry laws and related medical and food practices may not support true health of our society. I believe Integrated Medicine, or the merging of East and West is the answer. Both East and West have allot to offer and could work together synergistically for the better of humankind.

People are dying of epidemic diseases it seems mostly because we have turned away from Ancient Medicine and are following what some say are the modern day wizards (exclusively western educated doctors) depending on their advice about treatments, while continuing to eat unhealthy foods that are, in many cases, the culprits to disease. When speaking with a doctor, they should be asked how much they learned about food and nutrition in medical school, and see what they say. Expensive and invasive treatments like Chemotherapy, Radiation, and Prescription Drug Therapy, although dangerous to the body, and known to cause derogatory side effects and additional health problems, are needed by some who have disease in advanced stages. These treatments are however being recommended first, what should really be last resort treatments.

There are many different issues involved, but here are what’s believed to be the main reasons  for continued epidemic diseases:

1. expensive and invasive treatments that in many cases aren't necessarily curing the diseases, just sedating, and causing more health problems, and

2. with the foods, beverages, and prescription drugs available containing harmful chemical toxins and poisons, heavy metals, and

3. low awareness about more natural type treatments often due to media suppression.

Additionally Americans spend Trillions on healthcare. I believe the health crisis can be solved by adding basic, cost effective Ancient Medicine Organic Whole Foods Healing Wellness Practices and Qigong type Breathing Exercise Programs to the mainstream treatment processes as a first step in fighting disease. Many doctors will however argue, that it is a person’s responsibility to eat healthy and exercise regularly as the medical industry agrees, this is the best way to prevent disease.

Poisons, toxins, and heavy metals have infested our food and drug supply and we are seeing the results. The FDA has fallen short on effectively regulating. Drug manufacturing, food processing, agriculture, meat and dairy production industries are allowed to add products that contain chemicals, poisons, toxins, and heavy metals that are unfortunately making many people sick. Activated Charcoal or Activated Carbon when taken together or right after a meal or a drug, can bind to most of the toxins, poisons, and heavy metals and just pass them through the intestinal tract for elimination. Apples(with seeds plus core) help the Colon in this process.

Beware also of genetically engineered foods grown from modified seeds whereas the food has built in pesticides. These are being used to make the growing process cheaper eliminating the need to spray pesticides. The main crops for genetically modified foods are soybeans(tofu), cottonseed(oil), corn(oil), sugar beets(sugar), canola(oil), papaya(Hawaiian), and Zucchini. These Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) crops have been banned in various parts of the world. Studies have shown GMO foods to cause organ failure of all kinds over periods of 10+ years. This food is mainly available to livestock, meat and dairy producing as a cheaper way to feed the animals, therefore humans are indirectly exposed through most available meat products. Also GMOs are widely available to the food processing industry to lower production costs. Because most packaged food items currently contain these products, this makes for a stronger case to simply stop purchasing packaged food items all-together, although this may be difficult for the average American to accomplish. You can still look for labeling on packaged products that say something like “non-GMO”.

There have been numerous studies, one in particular that is fascinating called The Miracle School Project. This project involved Central Alternative High School in Appleton, Wisconsin that took control and brought the students to eat a more plant based diet while at school. The school administration cleared all junk food products from the vending machines and stopped frequently serving junk food lunches by bringing the menu to a higher percentage of fruits and vegetables in the meals. After a few months the administration noticed an amazing event, the children were behaving better and their test scores had gone higher! U.S. children have been ranking low in comparison to other highly developed countries in the subjects for the recent years. Debates continued on about the problem in the schools, but this study seems to show the problem appears to be mostly the food. The undeniable fact is that the junk food is not only affecting our physical health, but it is also comprimising our mental, and intelligence levels.

Many have asked, what is the recommended daily intake of fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, herbs, and whole grains? The general measurement goes on an individual basis of 4 to 5 fistfuls of organic whole foods daily. If you’re blending, you will typically be adding in 1+ cup of water for each fistful to make your smoothie/soup. Doing this generally works out to be at least half of your recommended daily water intake since fruits/vegetables are about 70% water. Fruits/vegetables, by the way, are the most natural way to give water to the body, and tend to be utilized most effectively in this manner.

The high amount of nutrition the organic whole foods supplies to the body through the blending method will curb the appetite for non-beneficial foods and over a period of months will help bring the body back into equilibrium. So if you are under or overweight, your body will generally adjust naturally to your correct weight. If you have a disease, your body may be able to reverse it with the right foods and exercise! Besides being recognized in Chinese Medicine, Ancient Medicine Organic Whole Foods Healing Wellness Practices and Qigong Exercise Programs have stood the test of time. Many of my clients and historical case studies confirm these facts. Personally, I have been able to balance my weight, and increase my energy levels doing this wellness program.

The health crisis started when the health and food industry began discouraging eating organic whole foods.  For example, you can find many articles that warn about eating Apple seeds etc.., however this information only holds true when eating just the seeds and not the whole food, which is not mentioned in many of the articles that support the practice of avoiding the seeds. Apple seeds, by the way, among many, contain a key phytochemical called Anthocyanins, “a friendly dose of a special Cyanide that doesn’t hurt the body but kills Cancer cells” -Conquering Any Disease by Jeff Primack. Anthocyanins are also found in other fruits/vegetables displaying red, blue, and purple colors. Anthocyanins are known to have many other health benefits proven again through recent studies. These include but are not limited to working against Cancer, Diabetes, bacterial infections, inflammation, the aging process, and neurological disorders; this could be why it’s been called the fruit from the tree of knowledge! The Apple also happens to be the most diversely rich food in phytonutrients besides any other food on earth - 385 currently known phytochemicals. The Apple is known in Ancient Medicine to play a very powerful role in healing most diseases. In the Middle Ages, the English said "To eat an apple before going to bed/Will make the doctor beg his bread." This is the most beneficial food nature has given us. See the food list I mention later about the Apple for a quick smoothie that I would recommend eating most every day.

Ancient Medicine has proven since humanity began that the medicine is in the food.  Even The Bible addresses this issue by stating “And God said, “Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the Earth, and every tree, in which is a tree yielding seed: to you it shall be for meat.” -Genesis Verse 1:29. The Bible is a story, of events that took place in the past. It is still a very popular book, because it holds many lessons for mankind, that cannot be ignored if we are to survive as a human race.

One of the major underlying themes of the Bible is where, at the time of the writing, society had widely become infected with disease, whereas the government and the medical industry was not supporting the health of humanity believed due to bribery and profiteering, similar to what may be happening today; abuses of mortality initiated by “Satan”, otherwise believed as mankind’s ego.

Reading on, this problem had become so dire it was threatening the existence of humanness, whereas a fast and powerful remedy was needed. Therefore, “God” enabled “Jesus” to heal flesh in his own miraculous way. An amazing story. In respect of other beliefs, some refer to God as the Source of all energy. The writings suggest that Jesus was an energy healer chosen by the “Source” in this manner.

Unfortunately, those in power that were enabling, and benefiting from, the catastrophe, became very intimidated after learning about the abilities of Jesus. They therefore cornered him, and killed him, resulting in the epic scene of Jesus dying on the Cross. So a theme results where the “Source” allowed this to happen in order to test man’s “ego” in efforts to ruin the human race - a most prized creation. Many think the “Source” was assessing society’s “ego” at the time, still hoping that it will at some point, be controlled, giving yet still an opportunity for humans to stop the malfeasance. Therefore, a main message is that, it is up to each one of us to work with our own “Satan” or “ego”, and recognize the big picture effect of our individual actions in this world.

Science, is now recognizing that our entire world, and universe, seems to be composed of a vast, infinite conscious and intelligent moving force or network of energy, appearing to us as matter displayed in various forms. Everything can be broken down into atoms, what we view as the smallest known particle of the universe, at least as far as we can see with our human eyes... But, looking at an atom more closely, the atom itself may be actually up to 99.9% dark space with less than 1% being the protons, neutrons, and electrons.

The atom moves around and exchanges space, or dark matter, “in the ability to exert pushes and pulls against the basic forces of nature, along a path of a certain length...”, within it’s surrounding environment as the protons, neutrons, and electrons interact causing movement of the entire network, or atom. This is effectively, energy. “...While energy can be modeled in many ways, for our purposes, we state that if everything is energy, then everything can be expressed in waveform at some level. In quantum physics, nothing is solid; it only appears to be. In actuality, once all matter is distilled down to it’s smallest form, at the subatomic level it all exists as energy in the form of waves. These waves can affect other waves with positive and negative effect. The notion of constructive and destructive interference can be linked to individual and collective human thought and action on a local or nonlocal scale. Hate can be reinforced by hate or neutralized by an opposite construct such as love. Like waveforms can reinforce one another and double the amplitude or frequency of the wave...” -David Morehouse, Ph.D. It’s believed that through Ancient exercise, such as Qigong, one can have a healthy exchange of this energy force directly with the source via meditation, and breathing exercises which also satisfies the need for movement and flushing of negative, or unneeded for positive, or needed energy.

Although Ancient Medicine Organic Whole Foods Healing Wellness Practices and Qigong Exercise Programs have been proven through the test of time, and have been around since humanity began, it is the view of many exclusively Western educated doctors that I have spoken to, that they generally don’t recommend it because they believe they’re not fully educated to make such recommendations, and/or patients, they believe, have run out of time with disease in advanced stages, and/or they feel there aren’t enough studies to prove success in most cases and they’re worried about recommending something that may not work. This is the reasoning although many of the Western medicine treatments aren’t successful, are generally much more expensive, and are known to cause additional health problems besides the original problem(s). Many do affirm that Ancient medicine has been known to work for many people and is generally believed to be safer and more natural for the human body than many of the newer and generally more expensive western treatments.

If you’re interested in helping to solve the health crisis, join me in being part of the Qi Revolution by integrating these powerful Ancient Wellness methods into your own life and spreading the word...


Forks Over Knives

Introduction to Food Healing

QiG Blending Videos



“Qi Revolution” and “Advanced Food Healing” See


“Conquering ANY Disease” and “Smoothie Formulas” by Jeff Primack.


Whole Foods Healing Menu

Here is a cross reference list of beneficial foods and which health conditions they are known to help reverse, or cure. Of course, not all foods are listed here, and there are many others that have wonderful health benefits as well. The listed foods are known as the most readily available and highest in phytonutrient value for the North American region. The health benefits listed are what the food is most known to help, however many of these foods also have many other health benefits besides what is listed.

Acai Berry (Allergies, Digestive, Heart)

Acetlyl L Carnitine (Brain Function)

Activated Charcoal (Digestive)

ADD (NO Sugars)

Almond/milk (Osteo/Bones)

Agaricus Mushroom (AIDS/HIV, Cancer)

AHCC (AIDS/HIV, Allergies, Cancer)

Allergies (DO NOT EAT... Cheese, Egg, Fish, Milk/Dairy, Peanut, Shellfish, Soy, Tree Nuts, Wheat)

Aloe Vera (Digestive)

Apples minus tail and stem, plus seeds and core (Anemia, Brain Function/Alzheimer’s, Cancer, Diabetes, Digestive, Heart, Inflammation, Liver/Gallbladder(Green Apples), Respiratory/Asthma, Osteo/Bones, Obesity, Pancreas, Integumentary/Skin, Vision)

Apple Cider (Arthritis/Joints)

Arthritis/Joints (NO Alcohol, NO Coffee, NO Fried Foods, NO Milk, NO Soda)

Asparagus whole stems (Brain Function/Autism, Cancer, Chronic Fatigue)

Autism (NO Dairy, NO Gluten)

Avocado minus skin plus big seed (AIDS/HIV, Cancer, Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Diabetes, Digestive, Heart)

B12 (Brain Function)

Basil (Allergies, ADD, Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Diabetes, Digestive, Respiratory, Sexual, Vision)

Bee Pollen (Allergies)

Beans (Diabetes, Heart)

Beets minus skin, plus stem and leaves are optional but bitter (Cancer, Depression, Diabetes, Heart, Liver/Gallbladder)

Blackberries whole plus seeds (Allergies)

Black Sesame (Anemia, Circulation, Digestive, Osteo/Bones, Sexual, Vision)

Black Walnut (Digestive)

Blueberries (Allergies)

Bitter Melon (Diabetes)

Brazil Nuts (HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Diabetes, Digestive, Heart, Inflammation, Lungs, Obesity, Osteo/Bones, Pancreas, Prostate, Integumentary/Skin, Thyroid)

Cabbage (Digestive)

Cancer (NO Sugar, except natural sugar from recommended whole foods)

Camu Berries whole plus seeds (Allergies, Depression)

Cantaloupe Melon (Cancer, Heart, Lungs, Pancreas, Vision)

Carrots (Diabetes)

Cayenne Pepper (Circulation, Pain/Inflammation/Swelling)

Celery plus leaves are optional (Heart)

Cherry minus stem plus kernel seed from pith (Arthritis/Joints, Insomnia)

Chocolate (Depression, Heart, Sexual, Vision)

Chromium Picolinate (Diabetes)

Chronic Fatigue (NO Complex Carbohydrates)

Cilantro stems plus leaves (Allergies, ADD, Autism, Brain Function, Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Diabetes, Digestive, Heart, Respiratory, Vision)

Cinnamon (Diabetes)

Circulation (ALL Heart Foods)

Coconut/Oil minus shell (AIDS/HIV, Digestive, Thyroid, Weight Loss)

CoQ10 (Allergies, Brain Function, Cancer, Depression, Diabetes, Heart)

Cordyceps (Kang Yuan is best known brand) Mushroom (Allergies, Circulation Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Liver/Gallbladder, Sexual, Thyroid, Vision)

Corn cut from the cob (Brain Function, Depression)

Cranberry (Kidney/Bladder)

Cucumbers (Diabetes, Osteo/Bones)

Cumin Seeds (Diabetes)

DHA (AIDS/HIV, Allergies, Arthritis/Joints, Brain Function, Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Diabetes, Heart, Respiratory, Thyroid)

Diabetes (ALL Veggies... NO Carbs, NO Dairy, NO Sugars)

Digestive Disease (No Alcohol, NO Coffee)

Digestive Enzymes (Allergies)

Distilled Water (Arthritis/Joints)

DMSA (Autism)

Eggplant (Digestive, Heart)

Eggs (Arthritis/Joints)

Fava Beans (Brain Function, Depression, Parkinson’s)

Flax Seed (Digestive)

Garlic (Allergies, Cold/Cough/Flu, Heart, Sexual)

Ginger (Allergies, ADD, Arthritis/Joints, Chronic Fatigue, Cold/Cough/Flu, Depression, Diabetes, Digestive, Heart, Pain/Inflammation/Swelling, Respiratory, Vision)

Ginkgo (Brain Function, Heart)

Ginseng (AIDS/HIV, ADD, Anemia, Arthritis/Joints, Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Diabetes, Heart, Osteo/Bones, Sexual, Vision)

Goji Berries (Allergies, Chronic Fatigue, Cold/Cough/Flu, Depression, Digestive, Heart, Respiratory, Sexual, Thyroid, Vision)

Grapefruit whole plus seeds and rind minus tail and stem, outer colored part of skin is optional but very bitter (Cancer, Liver/Gallbladder)

Green Tea (Heart)

Hawthorne Berry (Circulation)

Headaches (FIND TRIGGER FOODS/POSSIBILITIES ARE... Aged Cheese and other aged foods, Alcohol, Avocado, Banana, Beans, Caffeine, Chocolate, Citrus Fruits, Dried Fruits, Gravy/Soup Mixes, Hydrolyzed Protein, Imitation Crab, Kim Chi, Licorice, Milk/Yogurt, MSG, Mushrooms, Nitrates, Nuts, Onions, Plums, Raspberries, Rhubarb, Salty Foods, Sauerkraut, Terriyaki, Wheat or Yeast, Worcestershire)

Hemp Oil (AIDS/HIV, Arthritis/Joints, Brain Function, Depression, Diabetes)

Honeydew Melon (Birth Defects, Cancer, Diabetes, Digestive, Heart, Skin, Obesity)

Horsetail (Osteo/Bones)

Hummus (Digestive)

Kim Chi (AIDS/HIV, Allergies, Diabetes)

Kiwi whole minus tail and stem plus outer skin with fuzz (Allergies, ADD, Autism, Respiratory)

Lemons whole plus seeds and rind minus tail and stem, outer colored part of skin is optional but very bitter (Liver/Gallbladder)

Lime whole plus seeds and rind minus tail and stem, outer colored part of skin is optional but very bitter (Diabetes)

Maca Root Powder (AIDS/HIV, ADD, Allergies, Anemia, Arthritis/Joints, Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Diabetes, Heart, Osteo/Bones, Prostate, Sexual,Thyroid, Vision)

Maitake Mushroom (AIDS/HIV, Allergies, Heart, Vision)

Manuka Honey (Digestive/Ulcers)

Mastic Gum (Digestive/Ulcers)

Mint (Cancer, Heart)

Natto(Fermented Soybeans) (Heart, Osteo/Bones, Thyroid)

Olive/Oil (Diabetes, Liver/Gallbladder)

Okra (Digestive, Heart)

Oranges whole plus seeds and rind minus tail and stem, outer colored part of skin is optional but very bitter (Allergies)

Osteo/Bones (NO Coffee, NO Dairy, NO Smoking, NO Soda)

Oysters (Brain Function, Osteo/Bones, Prostate, Sexual)

Papaya (Allergies, ADD, Digestion, Muscular, Respiratory)

Peppermint (Allergies, ADD, Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Diabetes, Digestive, Respiratory)

Pineapple whole minus skin and leaves plus stem and core (Allergies, ADD, Arthritis/Joints, Cancer, Pain/Inflammation/Swelling, Respiratory)

Plums minus stem plus kernel seed from pith (Osteo/Bones)

Pomegranate whole minus skin (Cancer, Heart)

Probiotics (AIDS/HIV, ADD, Allergies, Arthritis/Joints, Cancer, Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Diabetes, Digestive, Heart, Osteo/Bones, Respiratory, Sexual, Thyroid, Vision)

Pumpkin/Seeds (Prostate)

Raspberries whole plus seeds (Allergies, Cancer)

Reishi Mushroom (AIDS/HIV, ADD, Allergies, Arthritis/Joints, Brain Function, Cancer, Chronic Fatigue, Cold/Cough/Flu, Depression, Diabetes, Heart, Osteo/Bones, Respiratory, Sexual, Vision)

Respiratory (NO Bananas)

Rosemary (Allergies, Depression, Heart)

Royal Jelly (Circulation, Depression, Sexual, Vision)

Salmon, Wild (Circulation, Diabetes, Digestive, Thyroid)

Seafood (Diabetes, Heart)

Sea Vegetables (Cancer, Osteo/Bones, Thyroid)

Shitake Mushroom (AIDS/HIV, Allergies, Heart, Vision)

Spinach (Vision)

Spring Onions (Diabetes)

Squash whole minus stem and tail (Digestive)

Strawberries whole (Allergies, ADD, Autism, Cancer, Respiratory)

Sunlight (Depression, Diabetes, Sexual)

Super2 (Allergies, Depression, Digestive, Respiratory, Thyroid)

SuperX (Sexual)

Sweet Potato minus skin (Digestive, Heart)

Swiss Chard whole plus stem and leaves (Diabetes, Osteo/Bones)

Thyroid (NO raw Broccoli, NO raw Brussel Sprouts, NO raw Cabbage, NO raw Cauliflower, NO raw Kale, NO raw Millet, NO raw Mint, NO raw Mustard, NO raw Peaches, NO raw Radishes, NO raw Rosemary, NO raw Soybeans, NO raw Spinach, NO raw Strawberries, NO raw Turnips, NO Bananas, NO Bread, NO Canola Oil, NO Cheese, NO Hydrogenated Oils, NO Milk/Dairy, NO Nitrates, NO Peanuts, NO Potato, NO Rice, NO Soda)

Trout (Diabetes)

Turmeric (Allergies, Arthritis/Joints, Brain Function, Cancer, Heart, Respiratory)

Walnuts (BrainFunction/Depression/Parkinson’s/Alz heimer’s, Cancer, Diabetes, Digestive, Inflammation, Liver/Gallbladder, Heart, Insomnia, Obesity, Osteo/Bones, Pancreas, Sexual)

Watercress stems and leaves (AIDS/HIV, Allergies, Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Respiratory, Thyroid)

Watermelon whole plus seeds and rind, minus tail and stem, outermost colored part of skin optional (Kidney/Bladder, Prostate, Sexual)

Wheat Germ (Brain Function)

White Tea (Heart)

Wood Ear Mushrooms (Heart)

Wormwood (Digestive)

Zeolite (Autism, Brain Function)

Zinc (Brain Function)

Zucchini (Digestive)

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