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“Qi Swe-Thai Blend Sensual - Erotic - Tantra Massage, Bodywork for Men” is my own “Signature” combination of “Reflexology” and “Qi Massage”, plus otherwise known as “Conscious” Bodywork styles which address the entire body, emphasizing “Tantra”, but also including “Qigong”, and “Reiki”. There are many ways we can abbreviate but I mostly just say “Reflex Qi”, “Tantra Qi” or “Qi Swe-Thai” for short. All of the above listed techniques are considered “Therapy”. None of the above mentioned modalities are resolved to be manipulative bodywork that is regulated by, or requiring a license pursuant to Nevada Revised Statues 640C - Massage Therapists (the “Code), enforced by the Nevada State Board of Massage Therapists (the “Board”).

Yet, I used the “M” word (“Massage”), isn’t that regulated? Although “Reflexology” is considered a type of manipulative bodywork, it however only addresses the surrounding and articulate areas of the feet, hands, and ears which is exempted by the “Code” but is also still what many consider a type of “Massage”. “Qi Massage” is basically the form of the styles I mention (“Swe-Thai”, “Shiatsu”, “Kiatsu”, “Sports”, “Acupressure”) but using air or life force energy flow “Qi” strokes. “Qi Massage” strokes are non-manipulative and don’t involve what NRS 640C.060 “Massage Therapy” defined specifically regulates, which is “...the application of a system of pressure to the muscular structure and soft tissues...” Consequently in my case, it is appropriate to use the word “Massage”...

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Because I’m mentioning a type of “Massage” or “Therapy” not regulated by the Code, it’s my understanding that advertising “Reflexology” or “Qi” type “Massage” or “Therapy” is legal, and does not require a license in the State of Nevada. However, I also want to be honest to say that I’m no exception when it comes to differences about this topic. The Code is fairly new and there is so far not much litigation on the subject which leaves many uncertain about some interpretations by the Board not yet challenged in the courts. Some may argue and have opinions about what I’m promoting, but these are just facts.

Finally, I appreciate your interest and consideration. Please Contact Me to figure an appointment. Thank You.


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