Las Vegas Tantra - Sensual - Erotic Massage, Bodyrub by Genevieve...

Part of what makes a style “Tantric” is the encouragement of Kundalini energy build up, then relax again, and then build up, and burst of Kundalini energy up through the spine and out the crown and other Chakras.... This is supposed to further enlightenment and increase Shen (Chinese for spirit of life).  If a Kundalini surge happens prior to the traditional fulfillment of the method, I will continue to carry through the healing therapy session. However, I will not urge additional energy spurts since this does not fall within the Tantric style, and is known to cause Jing (Chinese for essense of life) exhaustion...


“It’s an art really, knowing when to display your power, and when to pull it back a bit. When to make your move, and when to show a little restraint. Because there’s power in control. And greatness, comes from knowing when to use it.”


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