Posted by ZENPAPA123*

Genevieve advertises a Tantra sensual massage on her website. She is well educated. Based on her website photos, she is definitely the same person - has kept her body in excellent shape. She gives a very strong massage that really works the kinks out and has a very pleasing manner about her that puts you at ease during the session. She leaves you very relaxed and wanting more. Overall, a great experience that I hope to repeat the next time I am in Las Vegas.

Texted to get with Genevieve, we scheduled to meet the following evening. She was a good distance from the city but did not seem to mind traveling in. She made it discreetly past the security at the hotel elevator and knocked on my door at the agreed upon time.

She is quite talkative and engaging, well educated, and has kept her body in great shape. Soon after arrival, she stripped down to a thong bikini and a fish net body suit. She had me get comfortable on the bed, turned the lights down and went to work on my back.

She gives a very strong massage that really works the kinks out. She has the most amazing and nicest set of natural breasts. The perfect amount of firmness and fullness... I just could not get enough.

After working on my shoulders, she leaned over my body to get my attention. Watching her natural breasts hang over my face was pure bliss. After a short gentle massage to get me aroused she placed a pillow under my head and moved to the other side of the bed to work on my lower half. Her breasts were just so amazing I focused on those. She was impressed and gave me a soft kiss.

I checked the clock after she departed and was surprised we had been together for over 90 minutes given that we had discussed having an hour session. I will certainly repeat the next time I am in Vegas.

Posted by 58TEMPOCAT*

I was intrigued enough by the reviews and style that Genevieve detailed on her web site to give her a call. She was easy to reach and set up an appointment with; and she arrived at my hotel at the agreed time. Her massage was outstanding. She really knows how to relax the body and remove built up stress. I would definitely look her up again.

Genevieve arrived on time and we exchanged introductions. I contacted her because of tantric energy movement descriptive on her web site so I was not entirely sure what that would include. However since I carry a lot of stress, anything would be welcome.

After introductions, she quickly got me on the bed. She undressed down to a mesh style body covering along with a string thong and bikini top. Genevieve is quite attractive and obviously takes care of herself...

Her massage was excellent, one of the better ones I have ever received outside of five star spas. She knows muscular structure and is obviously well versed in acupressure. Within minutes, I was deeply relaxed while she teased a bit - It felt good to play.

Outstanding massage. Definitely would call her again to relax.

Posted by CANTAB*

Had read prior reviews about her, was intrigued. Figured I would take a shot since she has the look I like. Was able to setup an outcall appointment with her at my hotel. She arrived and looked very good. We got situated for a massage and she changed into a bikini. The massage was excellent... She is attractive and the service provided was good.

Posted by SR444*

Saw her about five, 6 years ago and I just needed her again... She has a great energy about her and was sweet... tried her again... She came in and was dressed sexy but in a good way...very pretty and classy...not looking like...well you know... Caught up a little bit and then we got down to business....non vip's....she does great body work and will leave you satisfied for sure... never felt so great!

I like her techniques of real massage and the sensual. Over the next half hour-45, minutes gave a great massage... She teased so much I was at full attention… She worked while making sure I was attended to... nice strokes... I had a great view... she has such a beautiful body and face... her total body is amazing... just thinking about it again... She is amazing in her massage work and her sexuality... She is the best around… just the right mix of real massage and sexy stuff.

Posted by HANKTOO*

Same visit to Vegas as a few of my other reviews. This person was more about the Erotic, and the massage. I have had a few massages already so something more "tantric" was a welcome change for me. I am older and prefer older woman. This one was more about sensuality. I would do it again.

She shows up at my hotel on the strip and obviously is well versed in what she is doing. I did not ask how long, but she knew her way around Vegas, and a man. I showered before she got there but she re-arranged the room just a bit meaning candles, music, and the bed a certain way. She did a sexy strip tease for me and got my blood flowing. She just kept rubbing, teasing, and a little whispering, breathing, touching, and getting me revved up. It was super nice. She was also patient with me to say the least! Whew, what a treat. I found her to be above average attractive, not too young or skinny and trying hard to please. Go for it!

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